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Can I, as a non-native speaker, greatly improve the way I pronounce English?  The answer is, “Yes, you can.”    It doesn’t come in an hour though.  It takes some time to work on it.  If you live in a country in which English is spoken, you will see results a little faster.  If you live in a non-English-speaking country, it may take some more time to achieve the desired changes.  Just thinking about them will not get you anywhere.  Action creates results.  So for all those who would love to speak a more native-like accent in English, we have created this six-part program to help you focus on what’s important. Through my work as a teacher, I meet many immigrants.  Adults often struggle to acquire English; children seem to have no problem, and they acquire a native-like accent rather quickly.  A lot of people then say that children learn…

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