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For an EFL teacher with an internationally recognized TEFL certificate job prospects are excellent. The huge desire to learn English in all corners of the globe has resulted in teaching possibilities in almost every country imaginable. There are openings in private language institutes, public schools, universities, business corporations, kindergartens as well as private tutoring and voluntary work so that is why iTTi is bringing the latest technology in the labor market to our graduated students.

Digital Credentials Are the Future of the Workforce

Think about all the achievements you’ve earned throughout your lifetime: graduating from college, joining a professional association, recognition at work for a job well done. Where are those achievements currently displayed? In your home? On your desk? Stuck at the registrar’s office? There is a better place for them.
Creating digital credentials relevant to a college or university’s local community also positively impacts the employability of recent graduates. After iTTi Job Portal conducted an extensive needs-analysis with local employers and employment experts worldwide, they mapped those skills to stackable, digital badges. This enabled iTTi graduated students to be recognized for specific, relevant skills that helped them stand out as qualified job candidates.

Where do the jobs come from?

• iTTi Digital partners with Talent Neuron to display relevant, related job postings to badge earners on the Acclaim platform based on the skills associated with their achievement.
• Data is sourced from more than 65,000 global job boards and corporate career sites, the US Census Bureau, and The Bureau of Labor Statistics.
• Labor Market Insights on Credly’s Acclaim platform are updated 24×7, so that only active postings are displayed.


What Does iTTi’s Job Portal Show You?

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Why Is iTTi’s Job Portal Valuable for Graduated Students?

How Does That Look Like?

Supercharged Profiles to Enhance iTTi Graduated Application
Graduated teachers can connect their profile on their application to their Credly profile, displaying their digital credentials on your job board or talent marketplace. Badge images and structured metadata augment your user profiles, provide advanced search criteria, and inform recommendation as well as matching algorithms.
Real-Time Updates Your Prospective Employers Can Rely Upon
iTTi Graduated profiles are updated automatically whenever a new credential is earned. So, your prospective employers can rely on having the most accurate, up-to-date information about your training.
Instill Confidence by Offering Instant Verification
Prospective employers and third parties can verify a user’s certificate credentials in seconds from within his or her application.
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iTTi – International English Teacher License

A distinctive identification as a mark of membership, achievement, licensed. It gives the positive reinforcement for all their hard work while studying at iTTi.

Transcript of Performance

A transcript shows all the classes you completed while attending the iTTi TEFL Course in any of our locations worldwide. It includes credit and non-credit classes such as projects, the foreign language journal, grades, etc. You'll need this information when you are required to provide proof of your academic accomplishments and proficiency. This situation can occur when you apply for a scholarship, for admission to other higher-learning institutions, or pursue specific jobs. You may also use your iTTi transcript for verification purposes.

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