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Our accredited on-line TEFL/TESOL course is a 100% distance-learning program and can be taken with or without tutor. It’s primarily designed for those people who wish to study an internationally accredited TEFL/TESOL course but have time and/or budget constraints which don’t allow them to attend one of our training centers. The advantages of this course are as follows:

• you will be able to study at your own pace,
• you can take the course from anywhere in the world, and
• our online tuitions are very competitive.

As it is an online TEFL/TESOL course, there is no classroom attendance and no teaching practicum. You will, however, have the opportunity to see actual EFL classes through videos. Throughout the program, you will study the same course content, including a comprehensive grammar review, and design classes just as the onsite program. At the end of the course, you will have learned the following:

• Understand the qualities that make great teachers.
• Gain knowledge about past and current EFL teaching methodologies.
• Know how to effectively organize and manage an English class.
• Create high-energy classes every day.
TEFL online course

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• Acquire know-how of teaching different types of students.
• Understand what is going on inside your English language learners.
• Become an expert in language skill development.
• Turn boring subjects into engaging classes.
• How to correct errors in speech and writing.
• Assessment strategies to achieve accuracy and fluency at the same time.

Throughout the program, your personal tutor will check your assignments. There are practice quizzes to help you stay on track. You are also eligible for two meetings of 45 minutes to get extra help if something needs a little more explanation. If you register for the course with a tutor, you will have the choice of a free specialization: Teach Business English, Teach Young Learners or Teach TOEFL Preparation. As you have selected the program without a tutor, you have to pace yourself as you work through it. Each unit has an assignment list. You must work through it independently. Read the material, watch the must read the assigned texts and watch all associated videos. omplete the assignments for yourself to learn more. You must take all quizzes and the final exams in order to finish the course successfully. Minimum score in all quizzes/exams is a 70. The course comes with full career-support services, including resume preparation, school lists, recruiter information, direct referrals to school, job leads as available. iTTi has its own schools in many countries of Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South and North America. Prerequisites to registering for the course are an excellent command of both spoken and written English, a high-school diploma as a minimum educational requirement, and 18 years of age.
TEFL online course

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$ 235.00 .

Learn English theory and teaching methods in a self-paced, online training course

TEFL online certification

TESOL/ TEFL Online Certification

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You must be at least 18 years old and proficient in English.

Yes, you can. We will test your English. Your level must be C1. B2 may be accepted with proof of additional English classes. Our organization may offer you additional English classes too if required.

Yes, you may. You must talk to an admissions counselor to have this arranged. Please note that the batch will only be released once the course has been paid in full.

The answer is yes. Those schools that don’t require a teaching practicum to obtain a work visa on your behalf will consider you as a candidate for their teaching position.

Please specify your request upon registration for the program. We will arrange for that. An additional fee applies.

Yes, there are. There are practice quizzes in many units to help you stay on track. There are also final exams in methodology, English grammar, and phonology. You must achieve a minimum score of 70.

We will give you study material. You can retest after one week. The first retesting is free of charge. After that, there will be a per-test fee of $35.

Yes, we will. We will assist you in setting up a professional resume/CV. We will provide you with school and/or recruiter information in the destination of your choice.

Not at all. English teachers are high in demand, especially now that many teachers have returned home due to the pandemic. If you study what you must study, you may end up with several job offers.

Yes! Students who are not native English speakers must demonstrate proficiency in English at the C1 level of English or higher

TEFL Online Certification

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