TEFL Course in Arequipa

Arequipa, Peru - An incredible destination for a TEFL course
Teach English in Peru
An incredible destination for a TEFL course

TEFL Course in Arequipa

“In the variety of its charm and the power of its spell, I know of no place in the world that can compare with Peru.”


Most people who come to Peru are familiar with its capital and Machu Pichu; however, Peru has so much more to offer. One of its gems is Arequipa, a city that combines the cosmopolitan Lima with the historical Cusco. Here are five reasons to come to this northern Peruvian location.

Reason 1
As a city, Arequipa offers a number of English-teaching opportunities to select from. You have international schools there besides regular language schools. International schools usually pay a better salary than the rest.

Reason 2
Arequipa’s museums offer the best of the best if you are interested in the history of the Incas. A real attraction is the frozen Inca girl.

Reason 3
Climb to the top of a real volcano. How many people have done that in their life?

Reason 4
If you enjoy biking, going up and down Canyon Colca is a special treat for those who love downhill biking.
In summary, if you are looking for some of the best teaching opportunities in Peru, interesting historical monuments of the Incas and unforgettable outdoor experiences, Arequipa is the place to go. We guarantee you, you will be glad you did.

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Why Choose LinguaBoost in Arequipa for your TEFL/TESOL Certification?

  • Cultural Immersion.  Dive into a vibrant tapestry of traditions, from the iconic Santa Catalina Monastery to the renowned Peruvian cuisine.
Santa Catalina Monastery: Delve into centuries of history within the vibrant walls of this stunning monastery. Experience the colors, architecture, and stories that breathe life into this iconic landmark.

  • Peruvian Cuisine.  Arequipa is a culinary paradise! Dive into mouthwatering dishes like rocoto relleno, adobo, and the famous chupe de camarones, indulging in the flavors that define Peruvian gastronomy.

  • Scenic Wonders. Surround yourself with awe-inspiring natural beauty from the majestic Misti Volcano to the Colca Canyon, home of the majestic condors.

  • Interactive Learning: Gain hands-on teaching experience through an intensive 4-week practicum in diverse educational settings, from local schools to language institutes. Apply theoretical knowledge in real classrooms, honing your teaching skills under the guidance of experienced instructors. You will gain the competence and experience in teaching adults, young people, and children.

  • Supportive Community:  Connect with like-minded individuals and local communities, fostering meaningful connections and cross-cultural understanding. Embrace diverse perspectives and build lifelong connections.
  • Gateway to Adventure: Explore Peru’s rich heritage on weekends and after the course: Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, and more await your discovery! 

    Machu Picchu: Explore one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and unravel the mysteries of this ancient Incan city.

    Nazca Lines: Marvel at the enigmatic hieroglyphs that dot the Nazca Desert, offering a glimpse into ancient Peruvian civilization. Discover why Peru is on the travel destination list for many people around the world.

    Important Questions

    Can I take the course as a non-native English speaker?

    Most certainly! Even non-native speakers can register for the course to become an internationally certified Teacher. The minimum requirement is to have a B2 (FIRST) Level of English to participate in the course without any problems.

    Will I have to speak Spanish to participate in the TEFL course in Arequipa? 

    No, you won’t need to speak Spanish in order to take the course. It is required to ONLY speak English during the lessons; however, speaking a little bit of Spanish may help you communicate more with the locals.

    Can the TEFL Center help me find a job?

    Yes, we can help you find a job locally or also have the opportunity to travel to any of the other locations iTTi has all around the world.

    Where can I teach with my TEFL certificate?

    Anywhere your passion for teaching takes you! From bustling cities to serene villages, your TEFL/TESOL certification opens doors to classrooms around the globe, embracing diverse cultures and enriching lives through education.

    What are you waiting for? Join us in Arequipa and unleash your potential!

    Experience the magic of Peru while earning your TEFL/TESOL certification. Embrace a life-changing journey filled with learning, adventure, and cultural immersion.

    Limited spots available! Reserve your place today and let LINGUABOOST in Arequipa be your gateway to a world of possibilities.
  • work in peru as a tefl TEACHER

    Teaching English in Peru is a great undertaking.  Peruvians are hospitable, modest people who will make you feel at home in just a little while. Peruvian dishes are delicious. Their folk music and dances are unforgettable. In addition, Peru is also home to such famous sites as Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca, and others that are worth visiting.

    Options for Teaching English in Peru
    EFL teachers hoping to teach English in Peru can find jobs in major cities, as well as many smaller villages. The capital city of Lima provides the most opportunity, although there are plenty of ESL jobs in Cusco due to the booming tourism industry. TEFL certification is strongly preferred in order to teach in Peru.

    Experienced teachers can also consider applying to teach English at the university level. University teaching jobs generally offer generous salaries and benefits, although requirements are strict, and positions are competitive.

    Qualified teachers with two or more years of experience can apply to teach in Peru’s international schools, largely concentrated in Lima. Teachers of all levels, from nursery to high school, are encouraged to apply for these jobs, which offer high salaries by Peruvian standards in addition to competitive benefits.

    Finally, for new teachers who are building experience and want to teach in Peru, volunteering is an extremely popular option. Volunteering in Peru is a fantastic way to see the country beyond its major cities, with jobs available in smaller towns and villages throughout the country.

    Salary and Benefits for English Teachers in Peru.
Teachers at language institutes can expect to make a modest salary (around the equivalent of 500-700 USD per month). Because of Peru’s low cost of living, most people can live comfortably but not extravagantly on an English teaching salary. Private international schools and universities, which hire experienced, certified teachers, offer higher salaries as well as attractive benefits packages. Benefits can include transportation, health insurance, and often an accommodation allowance. Universities may also offer similar packages. Salaries vary from 1,800 to 2,800 Peruvian Sol monthly.

    Hiring Time for English Teachers
International schools usually begin the hiring process around October or November for the school year beginning in March. Universities, which also begin in March, may wait until January to recruit instructors.
Peru’s many language institutes hire English teachers year-round, generally on one-year contracts.

    Prerequisites for Teaching in Peru
    Language schools strongly prefer TEFL-certified teachers. If you are looking for a paid English teaching job in Peru, you should not go without a TEFL/TESOL certificate in your pocket. Prior teaching experience is preferred, but not always required.

In order to teach in a private international school in Lima, teachers are expected to hold a teaching license from their home state or country and have a minimum of 2 years of previous experience. (https://www.internationaltefltraininginstitute.com/proficiency-test-for-international-opportunities/).

    Contract Length
Contracts differ from six months to 1 year.

    Healthcare System in Peru
    Whilst public healthcare institutions in Peru are generally still struggling due to lack of financial support and the waiting times are very long, private clinics are reasonably priced for visitors and provide good quality medical service.

The five health care institutions that dominate the sector are the Ministry of Health (MINSA), EsSalud, the Armed Forces (FFAA), the National Police (PNP) and the private sector.

    There is both public and private health care available in Peru. Foreigners moving to Peru are usually advised to use private medical clinics, as they are more reliable and efficient than the public health services.  

It is very easy to get most medicines in pharmacies in cities or to get a prescription from a doctor. When going to Peru, make sure you are prepared in case of diarrhea, malaria or altitude sickness.

    In Peru, pharmacies that are located throughout the cities normally distribute medicines over the counter and fill prescriptions. Common medicines can be purchased in pharmacies at cheap prices. Always check whether the drugs are within their expiration dates.

    The listed pharmacies in Lima are usually well supplied and preferred by visitors:
  • Pharmax (Av. La Encalada 1541, Monterrico; 24/7 delivery service; tel. number: 434 1460)
  • Pharmax (Av. Salaverry 3100, San Isidro; 24/7 delivery service; tel. number 264 2282)
  • Farmacia Deza (Av. Conquistadores 1140, San Isidro; 24/7 delivery service; tel. number:440 3798)
  • Las Colonias (Santa Elena Norte 102 – 104 Street, Monterrico, 21st block of Primavera Av.)

    Important Emergency Numbers
Central emergency number (ambulance, fire, police departments): 105
    Telephone information number: 103
    Tourist police: 460 1060; 460 0844
    Civil defence: 115
    Fire brigade: 116
    Public ambulance: 141

    Culture in Peru
Peruvian culture is a mix of Spanish, Indigenous and African influences. The current national identity of Peru has been formed through the combination of customs found among Spanish colonists, Indigenous peoples, and former enslaved peoples. These different traditions have come together to create a shared culture among the people of Peru.

    Languages Spoken
Spanish is the official language in Peru. Quechua, Kichwa, Ayamara, and many other languages are represented through Peru’s indigenous people. 

The official religion of Peru is Roman Catholicism. It plays a significant role in Peru’s culture and society, with around 76.03% of the population identifying as Catholic. However, there are also other religious beliefs present in Peru, including Protestantism (14.07%), Other Christians (4.40%), No religion (5.09%), and Others (0.41%).

    Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Peruvian Constitution, and the public exercise of all confessions are free, as long as they do not offend morals or disturb public order. 

    Food & Drinks
Peruvian cuisine is a fusion of indigenous ingredients and techniques, European colonialism, and African and Asian immigration.  The four traditional staples of Peruvian cuisine are corn, potatoes and other tubers, Amaranthaceae (quinoa, kañiwa and kiwicha), and legumes (beans and lupins).

Peruvian cuisine is also known for its unique drinks. Here are some popular drinks to try in Peru:
  • Pisco: The national spirit, a clear brandy distilled from grapes.
  • Pisco sour: Peru’s most popular cocktail, a bittersweet pisco-based drink made with lime juice, egg white and sugar.
  • Chicha: A fermented corn drink.
  • Coca Tea: A tea made from coca leaves.
  • TEFL Courses in Arequipa fill up quickly!


    Total tuition: $1000
    Deposit: $500, due at registration.
    Balance payment: $500 to be paid five working days before the first course date.

    Tuition fee includes course fee, certificate, moderation, and assistance in obtaining a teaching position.
    Course Dates

  • 5 February – 1 March 2024
  • 6 May – 31 May 2024
  • 8 July – 2 August 2024
  • 9 September – 4 October 2024
  • 7 October – 1 November 2024


    75% on-line/25% on-site training

    Total tuition: US $1,400 (incl. VAT)

    Deposit: $500 due at registration.

    Tuition Balance: $900 (due at the center in Arequipa 10 business days before the start of the teaching practice).

    This is an on-line/on-site combination course. The online section can start any day and comes with a tutor. You can work at your own pace–fast or slowly. The online part takes about four weeks with daily study; it takes about double the time if you only study on weekends. If you register for teaching practice and cannot finish the online part, you may change the date of your teaching practice.

    Teaching Practice Dates
  • 13 April – 01 June 
  • 12 July – 11 October 

    Meet our iTTi TEFL Arequipa Instructor

    TEFL Course in Arequipa


    75% on-line/25% on-site training

    Total tuition: US $1,200

    Deposit: $500, due at registration.

    Balance payment: $700 due five business days start of the teaching practicum.
    Tuition fee includes: moderation, certificate and full career support services (CV/resume preparation, school information, interview guidance and departure support).

    Free supplement: specialization in Teaching Business, TOEFL Preparation, or Young Learners.

    You can start the online theory at any time and work at your own pace. Before you come for your placement, please finish the online part. You will need the necessary knowledge to teach English correctly.
    Teaching Practicum Dates

    • 4 January 2021 – 13 January 2021
    • 1 March 2021 – 10 March 2021
    • 3 May 2021 – 12 May 2021
    • 1 June 2021 – 10 June 2021
    • 6 July 2021 – 15 July 2021
    • 2 August 2021 – 11 August 2021
    • 7 September 2021 – 16 September 2021
    • 4 October 2021 – 14 October 2021
    • 1 November 2021 – 10 November 2021
    Teaching Practicum Dates

  • 6 May – 15 May 2024
  • 3 June – 12 June 2024
  • 16 September – 25 September 2024
  • 1 October – 10 October 2024
  • 28 October – 7 November 2024

  • 25 November – 4 December 2024