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For those who want to work as a TEFL/TESOL trainer, our certification program on the level of an MA TESOL would be the right option. With over 500 hours of academic training, the graduate will be enabled to successfully function as a teacher trainer. Prerequisite is experience in teaching EFL/ESL classes and standard TEFL/TESOL certification. After a demanding on-line training with compulsory and elective subjects, the training will be complete with a two-week teaching practicum at one of our TEFL training centers. The prospective TEFL trainer will teach the teacher training program under the supervision of the experienced TEFL trainer. Feedback and correction will follow each teaching practice in order to help the trainee achieve a high level of quality in training prospective teachers. The course will enable you to either run your own TEFL course in the destination of your choice or find both employment opportunities in one of our centers or with other TEFL training organizations.


The ITTI TEFL Course Instructor Diploma is awarded for successful completion of a study program, consisting of five core courses (required of all students) and five courses in the student’s chosen concentration, either Teaching or Curriculum Development. Either concentration can be completed in an on-line study; however, the residency program of two weeks has to be completed on campus in one of the following TEFL training centers:
500 hour TEFL-TESOL certification

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• New York,
• London, UK
• Paris,France

All students must take the five core courses and the two-week TEFL certification course teaching practicum in one of the TEFL training locations. The other five electives and the professional project can be taken within their chosen concentration. CORE COURSES MARKING COURSE LENGTH/LEVEL As the major component of the course is in an on-line learning environment, the trainee can work its own hours to complete the requirements of the theoretical part. There will be periodical consultations with his/her instructor/mentor to review the progress. The trainee may finish the theoretical part in six months with continuous (almost daily) attention to his/her course of study in form of 2 to 4 hours study time and additional hours over the weekend. Being a teacher trainer requires professional knowledge which one cannot acquire within four to six weeks of study. The course is on the graduate level and gives the student a deeper understanding of language, of managing human resources at educational institutions and teaching at a level that colleges require. The listed courses go beyond the knowledge of the standard TEFL certification course with the goal to enable teaching of English at schools. The TEFL trainer is expected to demonstrate superior knowledge of the field of teaching English and outstanding leadership qualities. CERTIFICATE 500-Hour TEFL Teacher Trainer Certification
500 hour TEFL-TESOL certification

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Learn English Theory and Course Design in Self-Paced Study with a Mentor. Follow up with Two Weeks Teaching Practicum in a TEFL Certification Program.


Teacher Trainer Certification

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– Methods and Materials: Systems
– Materials: Skills
– Teaching Practicum

– Curriculum Development and Course Design
– Learner Assessment
– Writing ESOL Materials

– Curriculum Development and Course Design
– Learner Assessment
– Writing ESOL Materials

– Professional Project
– Methods and Materials: Systems 10
– Methods and Materials: Skills 10
– English for Specific/Academic Purposes

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TEFL/ TESOL Certification



You must be at least 18 years old and proficient in English.

Yes! Students who are not native English speakers must demonstrate proficiency in English at the C1 level of English or higher

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