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The course lasts 5-6 weeks


1290 have already completed the course


At the end of the course, a 120-Hour TESOL Certification with Teaching Practicum Batch will be generated.


The course has 21 online units + 50 hours teaching practicum (8 days).

Our accredited, combined TEFL/TESOL course connects online training with a teaching practicum. First, you study the principles and theories of how to teach English online at your own pace. After completion of the theory part, you then attend one of our training centers for eight days of practical teaching of actual EFL/ESL students. The program comprises 170 hours. Adding the free specialization, the program hours amount to 220. This course is ideal for those people who wouldn’t be able to participate in an onsite TEFL/TESOL course but would like to get real teaching practice (something a lot of schools want to see, especially when they pay in the upper salary range). And there are a lot of countries out there that actually require proof of the teaching practicum to be able to issue a work visa. As the combined TEFL/TESOL Course contains only eight days of attendance at a TEFL training center, it is also more suited to those who aren’t able to learn how to teach English in a four-week, onsite TEFL/TESOL course for various reasons–whether it be the budget or lost hours at a job. The combined TEFL course features the same training components as the four-week onsite program and results in 120-hour TEFL/TESOL certification. Just like the in-class training, the combined program is credit bearing. If you wish to continue to an MA in Education, you can do so.
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Graduates of our combined TEFL certification programs receive one specialization course of their choice free of charge. Available 50-hour online specializations are Teaching Business English, Teaching Young Learners, or Teaching TOEFL Preparation. Being specialized means that you may earn more money right from the start.

As all our courses, the combined TEFL program comes with full career support. We help you prepare your resume/CV and cover letter. We provide you with school and recruiter information. We even supply you with actual job leads as they reach our school. All students who wanted to work right after their TEFL training have landed a job rather quickly. TEFL jobs abound around the world. The key to a great job is that you prepare yourself thoroughly for the assignments ahead. Every school wants to have the best of the best. We make sure that we give you this opportunity to become the best of the best. The rest is in your hands.
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$ 500.00 .

initial deposit. The balance of $1,000 will be two weeks before the teaching practicum

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• Part 2: 50-Hour In-Class Teaching Practicum

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Combined Course Curriculum


You must be at least 18 years old and proficient in both English speaking and writing.

Yes, you can! Students who are not native English speakers must demonstrate proficiency in English at the C1 level or higher. B2 can be accepted with proof of participation in additional English classes.

Yes, you can. You will have to talk to an admissions counselor.

We’ll send you your invoice again to make the balance payment about two weeks before the teaching practicum.

Our teacher trainees come from all continents (except Antarctica). We had, however, a trainee who works in the U.S. Antarctic Team and wanted to teach English during the Arctic winter.

Yes, it is. You have or you are about to register for the 120-Hour Combined TEFL Certification program. This is the best program after the four-week in-class course for standard teacher training, The teaching practicum and the project work make this course an asset to your resume/CV. This type of course is required for work visa applications in many countries. Of course, you can work under the table; however, you won’t get the benefits associated with a work visa: health care, paid vacation, year-end bonus, housing support, free airfare, etc. So why not make the right investment from the start? If the desired teaching opportunity shows up, you are ready to take it.

Our course trainers are highly educated individuals with years of English-teaching experience. They hold masters’ degrees (even PhD’s) in teaching English as a foreign language.

Apart from a TESOL Manual and the Workbook, we also use textbooks that you will find in master programs at acclaimed colleges in New York (as an example). We can confidently say that our graduates are absolutely compatible with graduates coming from formal colleges.

The Teaching Practicum starts at 9:00 am. First, we review the lesson plans for the day. Our student-teachers make adjustments according to the feedback.
At 10:00 am, the teaching practice starts. Our teacher trainees are busy delivering their classes. After the teaching, we have a 15-minute coffee break. We continue by giving feedback about the individual performance and by coaching to improve performance.
Lunch break is between 1:00 and 2:00 pm. After lunch, we work on projects. The class preparation for the next day is between 3:30 or 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

You will get performance ratings for the teaching part. In addition, there are tests in methodology, grammar, and phonology in which you have to achieve a score of 70. You will also get evaluated for your performance as a team member.

We are not running these courses to fail people. We are running them to show our graduates that they can be very successful in their chosen career. If you fail a test, you will get additional study time and material. You will redo the test a week later.

Please tell us at the time of registration that you wish to obtain a hard-copy certificate. We will make it available at an extra cost.

Yes, we will. Apart from resume and cover letter preparation assistance, we will provide you with school lists, recruiter information or actual job leads as they reach our school. iTTi is a global organization. We have schools in many countries. As a result, we have local connections in many countries that can assist us in locating employment opportunities.

Yes, it is. You can always come back later to ask for support.

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