Exam Policy

120-Hour On-Site Testing Information
If you wish to use your laptop for final exams of the course, it is your responsibility to be familiar with the information in this memo and to comply with the requirements.

International TEFL Training Institute uses TESTmoz web-based testing. It is your responsibility to make sure that your laptop can access the TESTmoz Exam site easily.

The exam site will be available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the last course week. You will be notified by email when the site is available. You have to confirm in writing that your laptop is in good working order. Please take note: If you do not confirm that your laptop is in good working order, you will not be permitted to use it for final exams.

The final exams can be done at school, or they can be take-home exams. Please note that take-home exams will be timed with 35 minutes per test. The computer records your starting and ending time.

To handwrite your exams, notify your trainer the day before the exam. You will be assigned to the handwriting room for your exams.

Problems with your laptop or can’t meet the deadline? Please contact your trainer as soon as possible to discuss your options.

120-Hour Combined/On-Line Course Testing Information
The on-line segment of the combined course and the 120-hour on-line course contain module-end quizzes that have to be passed with at least 70. These quizzes are timed with 30 minutes and are completed on your laptop. There is no final exam for 120-hour combined/on-line courses.

Test Results
Each test can only be taken once. If the student completes all three tests with 95 and up, the student will get on the Honor’s List if his/her performance in the other areas justify this.

If students achieve an insufficient score (below 70), they get time to study again and may repeat the test free of charge after one week. No student will be permitted to repeat a failed test immediately.