Vaccinations, Tests, Quarantine, Yellow and Green
Lists—All about Travel between France and the US

Vaccinations, Tests, Quarantine, Yellow and Green Lists—All about Travel between France and the US
Travel from the US to France
The USA is currently on France’s orange list. It means there is a difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers.

Vaccinated travelers can travel to France for any reason and do not need a Covid test. Vaccination can be proved at the border with a CDC vaccination certificate. They have to present a declaration stating that they do not have Covid symptoms and have not been in contact with any Covid patients.

Unvaccinated travelers can only travel if they meet the criteria for “essential travel.” This includes French citizens and residents returning home, students beginning academic studies in France, and essential work trips, but does not include tourism, family visits, or visits to second homes.

Unvaccinated travelers who qualify under the essential reasons rules must present the following documents at the border: a negative Covid test less than 72 hours old as well as the declaration mentioned earlier. They are required to quarantine for seven days on arrival. The quarantine can be done at a private home or at a hotel and is not the subject of police checks.

To count as fully vaccinated, travelers must
  • have received a vaccine that is approved by the European Medicines Agency: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, or Johnson & Johnson (known as Janssen in France). The Indian-manufactured Covishield vaccine is now accepted in France;
  • be at least two weeks after the second injection for double-dose vaccines or for two weeks after a single dose for those people who had previously had Covid-19;
  • be at least four weeks after the injection for people who had the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
  • Staying in France

    Once in France, a health passport is required for access to sports clubs, bars, cafés, tourist sites, and long-distance train travel. The CDC vaccine card because it doesn’t contain the French QR code. So how can you get that?

    In order to receive a French certificate, you need to prepare the following documents in PDF, JPG, or PNG format:
  • a vaccination certificate, demonstrating full vaccination
  • a valid passport
  • tickets showing your dates of travel into France

    Online application

    Anyone who was vaccinated outside the EU – whether they are tourists planning a visit, French residents who got their vaccines elsewhere, or people who have recently moved to France from a non-EU country, please go to the following portal: French Health Pass for Non-EU Foreigners

    Traveling from France to the US
  • After a one-sided summer in which Americans could spend their vacation in France, but French people could not vacation in the USA, the US has announced that its borders have reopened to fully vaccinated travelers, provided they undergo testing and contact tracing.
    We hope that this information helps all our prospective students to prepare for an amazing time in the beautiful French capital. Click the sign.


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