Top-5 most useful websites that can facilitate your lesson preparation process

Undoubtedly, lesson planning can sometimes be challenging because nowadays there are too many beneficial resources in which you may get lost. Moreover, at English classes students do not want to follow the instructions described in books. Internet generation demands diversity of various activities. What are we supposed to do with it? Here is the answer to this question! We are presenting top-5 greatest web services which you can utilize in your classroom. You may know some of them, and if you do use them, that is awesome!
  1. https://storybird.com/
    This website is incredibly useful for learners of all ages. Do you know why? Because everyone loves telling stories and listening to them as well. On “Storybird” you can create a teacher’s profile and control your students’ progress. There are plenty of opportunities to make the learners engaged!

  2. https://www.lingq.com/en/
    LingQ is beneficial for teenagers and adults. There you can find diverse courses of all languages with or without videos. It is great for reading skill improvement. Additionally, there is a teacher’s account available as well. Make it easy for your students to learn!

  3. https://www.noredink.com/
    This website serves to build grammar and writing skills. NoRedInk builds stronger writers through interest-based curriculum, adaptive exercises, and actionable data. You will not need red ink to point to your students’ errors. It makes grammar acquisition easy and fun!

  4. https://kahoot.com/
    You may have heard of this online gaming app. And we, of course, recommend it too! It is not a secret that games engage students in the classroom better than anything! Furthermore, Kahoot! is all about making students answer the questions automatically, without much thinking. Still haven’t tried it in your classes? Please do!

  5. https://lingualeo.com/
    This website and app give students an opportunity to choose the content they want to work on: lots of videos, stories, anecdotes, articles and others. There is a convenient account for learners where all the words are added into their personal dictionary. In addition, Lingualeo encourages your students to improve their English every day! Teacher’s account can be created here too.
Obviously, planning a lesson and keeping your students interested is not an easy task. We hope that these 5 tools will help you in the classroom and facilitate language acquisition process! Our goal is to provide you with the best resources available for today. Good luck with your lessons!
By:  Natalya Demenkova
CEO, Head TEFL Trainer
International TEFL Training Institute in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


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