Top 10 Teaching English Countries

Teaching English is a booming career and one of the most rewarding ones. On top, you get to see the world as you move from country to country. You have the option to choose between a top salary and an amazing experience such as in Dubai or Qatar and countries which are poorer and may need your help urgently.  Here the reward is that you help others improve their life.
While you may never become a millionaire when teaching English, the salary that is paid in many countries allows for a comfortable lifestyle with travel during the vacation time. Although some countries and regions still pay very little (such as Thailand, Cambodia, or Central America), other countries, particularly teaching jobs in the Middle East and Asia, are compensating English teachers with amazingly excellent pay and benefits.

Highest EFL-Teaching Salaries

Highest EFL-Teaching Salaries
1. United Arab Emirates
US$3,500 - 5,000 per month
2. Qatar
US$2,400 – 5,000 per month
3. Japan
US$2,200 - 5,000 per month
4. Saudi Arabia
US$3,000 - 4,000 per month
5. Kuwait
US$2,600 - 4,000 per month
6. Oman
US$2,000 - 3,500 per month
7. Taiwan
US$2,000 - 2,400 per month
8. South Korea
US$1,600 - 2,000 per month
9 China
US$1,500 - 2,000 per month
10. Vietnam
US$1,000 - 2,000 per month

As we all know, the highest paid EFL jobs in the world are in the UAE with salaries ranging from US$3,500 and US$5,000 a month. If you want to work in Dubai, opt for our iTTi 120-Hour Onsite TEFL/TESOL program or sign up for our 220-Hour Master TEFL Certification. That makes you even look better if you arrive for your interview. Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer plenty of excitement if you are looking for adventures outside your teaching time.

Schools in Qatar require TESOL certification and a BA/BS in order to pay you a tax-free salary between US $2,400 and US $5,000. Our TEFL center in Qatar will get you in touch with the schools over there. Interested in working in the world’s richest country? Contact us to get started with your TEFL and the career support that is attached to the program. Teach English in Qatar.

For English teachers in Japan, a TEFL certificate is desirable but not required. If you have your teacher education documented, you just have to bring authenticated documents for your job application in Japan. The country is one of the most beautiful places to work in. Stunning scenery, the world-famous cherry blossoms, festivals and delicious food make Japan an attractive place to be. On top of that, expect to be paid around US $3,000 per month with other benefits such as flight and accommodation.

Saudi Arabia
If you want to teach English in Saudi Arabia, you need to have TESOL certification and a BA/BS,. Our iTTi Saudi Arabia located in Riyadh can help you get your TESOL training and connect you to one of the jobs. They have a contract with many schools and universities to supply them with English teachers. Teaching contracts in Saudi Arabia are a generous combination of salary and benefits.

Kuwait has many international schools where there are plenty of job opportunities for English teachers. The city is ultra-modern, and teachers can earn up to US $2,600 per month tax free. As with all other GCC countries, teachers are required to have a TEFL certificate and experience. If you are a non-native English speaker, top English skills and an MA TESOL or MA Ed will open the doors for you.

One of the most developed countries in the Arab world is Oman, which has gained a lot of advancements in education in the past few years. As an English teacher in Oman, you will be one of the pioneers. Salaries can reach from US$2,000 to US$3,500 per month, featuring a low cost of living. With flawless English skills and a college degree, you may land an excellent teaching job in Oman as a non-native speaker.

Salaries in Taiwan are similar to those in South Korea where teachers can earn US $2,000 – US $2,400 per month. The cost of living in Taiwan is lower compared to South Korea, which makes saving money easy. You can land a job from teaching in a kindergarten to university, public and private schools. An iTTi TEFL certificate and a university degree take you a long way in Taiwan.

South Korea
South Korea has a similar package offered to English teachers in Japan. This country has fewer tourists than Japan. ESL teachers in South Korea can earn a salary of around US $2,000 per month, accommodation and airfare are often included. An iTTi 120-Hour or an iTTi Master TEFL Certificate with teaching practicum and a bachelor’s degree is required to teach English in South Korea.

China is the largest employer of EFL teachers in the world. The low cost of living and salary range from US $1,500 to US $2,000 per month making it one of the ideal locations for English teachers. English teachers in China can work for a private company or in a public school. With the largest population in the world, China can potentially absorb all the English teachers there are.

If you don’t have previous teaching experience but hold a bachelor’s degree and TEFL certificate, you can teach English in Vietnam. Just be aware that in order to get an official work visa, the government requires a 120-Hour TEFL Certification with teaching practicum. As the country has a huge demand for EFL teachers, teaching on a business visa is the other option. Working this way won’t give you benefits (health insurance and vacation). The salary is not high compared to other countries in the list, but the cost of living is low. Salaries range from US $1,000 to US $2,000 per month. Teachers will find life really affordable in Vietnam.


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