TEFL Course in Barcelona

An incledible destination for a TELF course
TESOL Course in Spain
An incledible destination for a TELF course
TESOL Course in Barcelona
What can be said about Barcelona that you don't already know?

TEFL Course in Barcelona

" Even the moon was embarrassed by the beauty of Barcelona."


Barcelona is the city of art par excellence. Wherever you look there is always something beautiful to see like the Sagrada Familia. The details in the architecture are exquisite, the buildings have charm and the streets have unique corners. It’s a cosmopolitan city as well as a modern one, it has the best of both worlds, you can find very bohemian places and others with the latest technology.
One of the best things about Barcelona is that it has everything close by. It has a magnificent beach where you can spend a day in the sun enjoying the good weather, but it also has the Montjuic mountain just a few minutes away, so, whatever day you prefer, in Barna you can do it all. Barcelona is a magnet for super interesting, creative people. It is an ideal place to make new friends and live new adventures.

Barcelona has a special something that will make you fall in love!


OUR TEFL Teaching academy is located in the heart of the city, specifically in the centre of Barcelona, where you can find everything, museums, parks, bars, restaurants, pubs, shops and shopping centres. It’s the ideal place to get to know new cultures, new people and also to develop yourself professionally.
Our modern centre of Rambla de Catalunya is built in a building that stands out for its beautiful architecture and its modern Mediterranean style, an atmosphere in which you will love to teach. It is very close to the beach and the most emblematic places of Barcelona where you can see all the tourist attractions. Moreover, it is very well connected. You can get to us easily using public transport, by bike or on foot. The centre´s energetic and positive atmosphere will make you stay!


The great thing about teaching jobs in Barcelona is that there is an incredible mix of cultures, as the city is home to people of many different nationalities who have decided to stay in Barcelona, precisely because it is a place where it doesn’t matter where you are, it has room for everyone.
It also offers you the opportunity for a secure job in which you will grow professionally and personally.

Teaching Opportunities
Barcelona is a city for those adventurers who want to meet new people and experience unique and fun plans, without leaving aside their work aspect. The best thing about it is that teaching is in great demand in Spain, and has the prospect of growth. You are coming to the right place at the right time!

James Archer
It´s been an incredible experience so far.
Jessica More
As an EFL teacher has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.
Amro Shaaeldin
Traveling has broadened my mind

TEFL Courses in Barcelona fill up quickly!



Special programme: a combination of industry leading TEFL training and secure employment in the most exciting schools in Spain. Most new teachers dream of being trained by the best and having the opportunity to immediately apply their newfound knowledge and skills with passionate and enthusiastic learners. This programme combines the training required to be a successful teacher (240 hours in small groups),ongoing support and follow up training delivered daily and most importantly a permanent position within schools in beautiful, sunny Spain.
We offer this opportunity to get TEFL certified while teaching English in the major spanish cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia and Bilbao! We are looking for professionals with talent, enthusiasm and passion , who want to have a different experience and learn, live and work in an international, young and motivating environment.

How does it work?
iTTi Spain, in collaboration with Number 16 School, wants to offer you the opportunity of your life!
Are you energetic? Are you open to experiencing new things in life? Do you see yourself as an educator of the future? Do you like to have fun? If your answers are yes, this is your programme!
Complete your TEFL certification while living and working in Spain! Get the full experience throughout our Special Certification Programme. Teachers accepted on the programme receive our full support in many areas. This includes taking care of all the spanish paperwork in order to participate in the programme legally, full teacher training, help with basic “life necessities” when moving to a new country e.g. setting up a bank account, finding a great mobile phone deal!
We take care of your working visa
1 year programme – potential to extend this based on performance
1 month paid holiday
Monthly salary
Help with finding accommodation
Continuous training in diverse areas of TEFL teaching
Professional development opportunities could await an outstanding candidate
Opportunities within and outside the school for socialising, meeting new people and settling in, in a new country

Course Dates
● April 19th
● May 17th

Meet our iTTi TEFL Barcelona team

Sofía Escartín. Chief of Operations & Programme Manager, Sofía has over 10 years of experience in the TESOL industry. Having successfully achieved proficiency in English her passion has been to ensure the opportunity is provided for others. Before moving into senior management within the sector, she honed her craft as a teacher and successfully led teams as a Director of Studies which has given her a keen insight into what skills are necessary to be an engaging educator. Having spent time studying English abroad, she has experienced the thrill of moving to a foreign country and this allows her to provide an unparalleled level of support to young people choosing to make the move to Spain and start a new career.

Sofía Escartín

iTTi - Barcelona

Helen Ukoh. Head Quality Department Coordinator and TEFL trainer, Helen found a love for teaching during a spell as an au-pair in Zaragoza, Spain. She returned after completing her degree in Modern Languages (Spanish, Portuguese and French) to begin teaching english and has never looked back. Since moving to a teacher training position in 2015 she has become famous all over Spain with trainee teachers for her iconic laugh, outgoing personality and of course preparing engaging, fun and extremely participatory training sessions. With her sole focus being training for the past 5 years her knowledge and experience is second to none and she takes pride in giving educators the tools they need to succeed.

Helen Ukoh.

iTTi - Barcelona

Calum Omand. Director of Studies and TEFL trainer, Calum has lived in Spain for five years and has found a passion for not only teaching but for training the next generation of teachers. Having completed a TEFL course in the United Kingdom in 2015 he has made his home in two different spanish cities and has enjoyed teaching students of all ages and all abilities. As Director of Studies he has three years experience motivating and leading teams to take their teaching abilities and student satisfaction to higher levels. In his free time he enjoys skiing, supporting his beloved but entirely inconsistent scottish rugby team and travelling all over Spain.

Calum Omand.

iTTi - Barcelona

TEFL Course in Spain

How to apply for a TESOL course

Step 1

To begin the admission process for the iTTi SPAIN Special programme, you must first choose your start date and complete the first application form. This includes a 3 minute video about yourself!

Step 2

If your candidacy is successful, an iTTi Enrollment Counselor will then contact you with instructions on how to continue with the application - a series of interviews with our Academic and Quality department will be held!

Step 3

Once you are successful we can begin planning for your arrival! We take care of the administration duties required and you´ll also be in contact with our team members who can support you with accommodation hints and tips and prepare for your welcome to Spain

TEFL Course in Barcelona

TEFL Course in Barcelona

TEFL Course in Barcelona