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Interview preparation is key these days The job market for English teaching is at an all-time high.  All our graduates land jobs around the world.  Certain areas in the world are extremely popular due to their high compensation rates and benefits.  And here is where you actually have competition.  In order to land a job at such high-profile institutions, you have to have interview and career-planning skills.  Here is where our career coaching can help. 1.  Learn how your background is viewed by others. Self-awareness is critical to securing a great position.  You need to learn how to view your experience, writing and presentations from different perspectives of experienced professionals, directors and recruiters. 2.  Refresh your interviewing skills. Most people haven’t needed an interview for quite a while by the time they apply for teaching positions.  Recruiters have invented a crafty series of techniques in recent years to tease information out…

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“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”     Thomas Edison   We often look back at a missed opportunity and think, “I really blew it.  I’ll never get another chance like that one.”  And we give up trying.  Most people who don’t achieve as much as they want to in life don’t fall short because of a lack of ability, but because they gave up too soon. People often envy high achievers, not for the effort they put in, but for their “luck” and their “golden opportunities.”  They always say, “Oh, you’ve been lucky,” says B. Jenner (an American athlete).  “I always believed that the harder I trained, the luckier I got. … Luck is part of the game, but when I prepare for something, I don’t prepare to be lucky, I prepare to be good.” The dictionary defines luck as…

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France is well on the way to get the number of yearly tourists to above the 100 million mark.  What is it that makes France so attractive for tourists?  The answer is in the following six reasons: 1.  Paris With over 30 million tourists, France’s capital tops the list of all popular cities in the world.  There’s the city’s romantic image, the stunning architecture, the Louvre museum, the iconic Eiffel Tower as well as the simple pleasure of sitting at a sidewalk café sipping a cup of coffee, eating a piece of French pastry and watching people go by.   For many years, European and US visitors have come here, and they keep coming back.   In recent years, the appeal of Paris has taken over the Far East, with more and more Chinese nationals coming to get a glimpse of the glamour of the French capital. And not to forget Disneyland,…

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