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ITTi Blog-seven Mistakes of Inexperienced Teachers

Seven Mistakes of Inexperienced Teachers As new teachers, we all have to gain experience in classroom management, especially when teaching larger classes or high school students. If you realize that other teachers have better results with the same students, you may make some of the mistakes that are mentioned in our blog today 1. We focus on being liked. A lot of people want to be liked; however, if you keep thinking about how you want your students to like you, this is absolutely going to affect your teaching in a negative way. You have to focus on being a good teacher whom your students can look up to . Ironically, students normally end up liking teachers they respect more than ones who are trying to be the cool teacher. 2. We yell at students. All of us have yelled at some point, but if this is your habit, it’s…

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EFL TEACHERS! DO YOU MAKE THESE NINE MISTAKES IN CLASS? 1 YOU TELL THE STUDENTS TOO MANY THINGS. This is what I also call the “saying out loud things that you should just keep to yourself” syndrome. It goes something like this: you say to your class, “OK, so we’re going to play this game, but we’re going to use the board instead of these cute little photocopies I had planned to give you, but I can’t give you as the copier is broken. Sorry about that, but these things happen, and well, we need to adapt and adjust to what we have… OK… Oh, I’ll need another marker because this one is not working properly…” And it goes on and on and on… Over time, it becomes irritating for your students. You are supposed to check your materials before class and organize alternatives if need to. Your students don’t need…

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Teaching English is a booming career and one of the most rewarding ones. On top, you get to see the world as you move from country to country. You have the option to choose between a top salary and an amazing experience such as in Dubai or Qatar and countries which are poorer and may need your help urgently.  Here the reward is that you help others improve their life. While you may never become a millionaire when teaching English, the salary that is paid in many countries allows for a comfortable lifestyle with travel during the vacation time. Although some countries and regions still pay very little (such as Thailand, Cambodia, or Central America), other countries, particularly teaching jobs in the Middle East and Asia, are compensating English teachers with amazingly excellent pay and benefits. Highest EFL-Teaching Salaries Highest EFL-Teaching Salaries 1. United Arab Emirates US$3,500 – 5,000 per…

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