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When students join our TEFL course in Paris , they explore Paris in greater detail. After all, it is the most visited city in the world, and it is lovely in so many ways that time goes by rather quickly during the three months the tourist visa allows you. Most of the TEFL trainees stay in Paris because they believe it is too expensive to visit other French cities/regions. Here is a very inexpensive travel solution to explore: the world bus. Few people know about it. The world bus is a night bus. So, if you want to travel France on a shoestring budget, the budget night bus is your friend. Sure, travelling the road for 10 hours straight is hardly the most comfortable experience, but how else can you expect to travel across the entire country for under €15, especially on a weekend or public holiday? And it’s not…

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iTTi TEFL TESOL Course in Egypt, Cairo

There are more than 7000 language in the world, but only one has become dominant. English has been the universal language over the years. Statistics estimate that 400 million people speak it either as a first or a second language . This means that the vast majority of the world’s population uses English. Another survey states that about half of the internet homepages are written in English. Currently, it’s the language of science, aviation, computer, diplomacy and tourism. Moreover, English has affected countries, industries, peoples’ cultures and life styles, so it has become the official language of communication, the media, and the internet. English is now the language of the global citizen. Therefore, if anyone wants to enter the field of international business or workforce, they have to learn it.Learning English enables us to know about other cultures and achieve better mutual understanding and respect.  For all what I have…

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