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Dubai Police on a flying bike Stunning beaches. Amazing architecture. Year-round warm temperatures. Dubai seems to be the perfect combination for a TEFL program and a vacation destination. As a first-time visitor, you should know some of the laws in Dubai to make sure you don’t get in trouble with the police or the country yourself. Dubai is famous for hefty fines. Do you hang your wet towels and clothes out to dry on the balcony on vacation? It’s a normal habit for us, but it’s one that’s forbidden in Dubai. According to Emirates247.com, doing so could affect the beauty of the city and potentially create a fire hazard. Also, no satellite dishes or rubbish can be on the balconies, either. Ignore this, and a fine of up to $400 could be yours. Are you planning on using a rental car in Dubai? If it’s been a while since you…

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iTTi TEFL TESOL Course in Egypt, Cairo

There are more than 7000 language in the world, but only one has become dominant. English has been the universal language over the years. Statistics estimate that 400 million people speak it either as a first or a second language . This means that the vast majority of the world’s population uses English. Another survey states that about half of the internet homepages are written in English. Currently, it’s the language of science, aviation, computer, diplomacy and tourism. Moreover, English has affected countries, industries, peoples’ cultures and life styles, so it has become the official language of communication, the media, and the internet. English is now the language of the global citizen. Therefore, if anyone wants to enter the field of international business or workforce, they have to learn it.Learning English enables us to know about other cultures and achieve better mutual understanding and respect.  For all what I have…

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