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Preparing for the iTTi Teacher Trainer Certification Test. Passing it the first time around. THE NATURE AND VALUE OF WORLD ENGLISHES, DIALECT, AND VARIATION The term, WORLD ENGLISH, became popular in the 1960s and has increasingly become a way to refer to English, which dominates many aspects of the political and economic progress of the world. The term World Englishes describes American English, British English, Indian English, South African English, and, according to many, the English used by other people to communicate in world trade, travel, and politics. This makes it difficult for teachers to decide which English to teach. Estimates suggest that non-native English speakers outnumber native speakers. The question “Whose English are we talking about?” becomes a very important topic in the ESOL classroom. The Indian linguist Braj Kachru describes the English-speaking world as you can see it in below picture While the Inner Circle comprises traditional English-speaking…

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