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Who Should Become an Online English Teacher? With so many career options in today’s fast-paced, tech-mad world, here is why you should join the realm of obtaining a TESOL certification and becoming an online English teaching for a fulfilling career. Why Choose to do a TESOL Course? Taking our TESOL course [https://www.ittisouthafrica.com/course-information] is beneficial to anyone, of any age, in any career, as there is a way to adapt the course to fit what you want to do. Besides gaining employment by teaching English in a classroom abroad or online, even someone working in IT, for example, can benefit from TESOL to upgrade their role and pay. It may also open up opportunities in that career. If their company has internationals coming to work with them, said TESOL-certified person could train them in business English to help them adapt to the new English working office environment. Why Become an Online…

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