TEFL Course in Iran

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TESOL Course in Tehran
What can be said about New York that you don’t already know?

"As a teacher we need humility as well as confidence."


Tehran, adorned with art, culture, and ancient Persian wit is where language is not only spoken but praised at its best. Iranians are well- expressed rhetoricians and very much enthusiastic about learning other languages; in every corner of every street in the capital, one can easily find a cultural center, an academic venue or a language school most of which are looking forward to recruiting competent English teachers with high salary. Hugging the lower slopes of the magnificent, snowcapped Alborz Mountains, Tehran is Iran’s most secular and liberal city. Spend time here – as you should – and you’ll soon realize that the city is so much more than a chaotic jumble of concrete and crazy traffic blanketed by a miasma of air pollution. This is the nation’s dynamic beating heart and the place to get a handle on modern Iran and what its future will likely be.

Our tefl tehran institute

Our TEFL center in Tehran is an established, well-known, knowledge-based language school with over 10 years of experience in providing language learning and teacher education programmes. The school is located in a spacious, fully-equipped school near Vanak Square in Tehran. The school operates with a content-based curriculum in which English skills are acquired through the study of other disciplines such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, etc. iTTi Tehran trains teachers to be qualified for teaching English through science and offers TESOL certification in three different modes: online, onsite, and combined. Upon successful completion of their training program, graduates receive an internationally accredited certificate by ITTI (International Tefl Training Institute) based in New York.

work in tehran as a tefl trainer

Is teaching English abroad a career? Heck yes!

If you’ve just graduated from college and have no idea what you want to do in life, don’t panic! Maybe you’re stuck in a minimum wage job that’s not going anywhere, or you can’t afford grad school just yet. Does the thought of being stuck in a cubicle for eight plus hours a la “Office Space” sound like pure hell to you? Well, there is hope! You don’t always have to be limited to crappy jobs at home. There are great careers to be had overseas. A teaching English abroad career is one way you can travel with a purpose and keep collecting more stamps in your passport. Forget the fictional four hour work week of a digital nomad, teaching English abroad is the perfect way to marry your wanderlust with a profession that pays real dolla-dolla bills, ya’ll. It’s also a great way to step outside your comfort zone, make a real difference in the lives of others, learn new skills, and accumulate incredible memories you cannot find at home in an entire lifetime. So here’s the big question: is teaching English abroad a good career? Let’s find out, shall we?

The benefits of teaching English abroad as a career
So, what’s in it for you if you choose to teach English abroad as a career? As we’ve mentioned before, teaching English abroad is one of the best ways to explore the world. As an educator, you can choose to go slow in one country for several years or skip around the globe every couple of months. Whether you spend a week or a year in one place, a teaching English abroad career is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn a new language, get in with the locals, and see what it’s really like to live in a particular country.
Live and Learn – You’ll learn more about yourself and whether you can adjust to living in a totally new culture and working with people from a different background. As a teacher, you’ll also become a student—learning different ways to see the world and solve problems. With a teaching English abroad career, you’ll grow to be more open, tolerant, and culturally sensitive.

Still bring home the bacon – Teaching English abroad can be quite a lucrative career if you’ve got the skills and experience. You can save a lot of money to pay off bills back home (student loans, anyone?) or recharge that travel fund. Teaching English is also a way to develop excellent professional skills, gain international work experience, ramp up your resume, and improve job prospects at home or abroad.

Change lives – Not Just Yours –Most importantly, teaching English abroad is not just about you. It’s an opportunity to make a positive, lifelong impact on the lives of your students. If you’re really good at your job, you’ll win over their hearts and make friends for life. Who doesn’t dream of making a difference like a Professor Keating or a Ms. Gruwell?

Iran has been experiencing an ever-growing number of university graduates over the past decade. The capital is home to over 50 universities and colleges as well as hundreds of language schools with extra-ordinary potentials and classes usually geared towards communicative competence in a foreign language. There have always been high demands to learning English for personal interests, academic requisites, immigration and business purposes. All this has made this city even more appealing as the right destination for teaching English abroad.

TEFL Courses in Tehran fill up quickly!



Total tuition: US $1000

Deposit: $500, due at registration.

Teaching Practicum Dates

  • 1 March – 26 March 2023
  • 3 May – 28 May 2023
  • 1 June – 25 June 2023
  • 6 July – 30 July 2023
  • 2 August – 27 August 2023
  • 7 September- 1 October 2023
  • 4 October – 29 October 2023


    75% on-line/25% on-site training

    Total tuition: US $1,000

    Deposit: $500, due at registration.
    Teaching Practicum Dates
  • 1 November 2021 – 10 November 2021

    Meet our iTTi TEFL Tehran Instructors

    iTTi New York Adriana BLumberg
    I was a Humphrey Fellow in 2015-16 ( Visiting Scholar & Leader ) I am also Pennsylvania State University Alumnus and did Educational Leadership & Teacher Education at Penn State University. I also studied Communication & Culture at UC Davis, CA, US. I got my MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from IAU, Iran and BA in English Language & Literature from ATU Iran. Apart from my academic studies and achievements, I am also a holder of TESOL by LTI, Sydney-Australia and Advanced Diploma in TESOL by MEG Chicago- US. I am also a British Council Master Trainer running workshops and helping many teachers and teacher trainers in Iran. I have been involved in Teacher Education since 1999 both in national and international programs, and my passion is helping teachers develop professionally and become more creative. Read More…


    iTTi Tehran - Iran

    How to apply for a TESOL course

    Step 1

    To begin the admission process for the iTTi Tehran in Iran, you must first choose your start date, complete the online application form, and pay a non-refundable deposit of USD $500.

    Step 2

    An iTTi Enrollment Counselor will then contact you with instructions on how to complete the required English proficiency assessment test. If you are not a native speaker. You must obtain a B2/C1 level. A certificate will be provided by the School of English

    Step 3

    Once you are notified of your acceptance into the iTTi in Iran, your remaining tuition balance is due 30 days prior to your course start date.

    TEFL Course in Iran

    TEFL Course in Iran

    TEFL Course in Iran

    TEFL Course in Iran